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Wagoner Pottery is now in Bridgeton, Indiana! Follow the sign outside the mill. We'll be there during the Covered Bridge Festival. Come check us out!
Chuck & Sue Wagoner
Charles Todd Wagoner and Susan K. Wagoner were the potters at Billie Creek Village’s Pottery Shop from 1982 until the Village closed in 2012. They have now relocated to Bridgeton. They are proud to produce functional high fired stoneware that is made to be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. When carefully fired to 2300 degrees and cooled slowly, high fire ceramic is one of the hardest and most impervious materials known to man.

Chuck and Sue met while in art school. Sue was attending Herron Art School in Indianapolis while Chuck was studying ceramics at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. After graduating from I.S.U., Chuck worked for four years at the pottery shop before accepting a teaching position at North Vermillion Jr/Sr High School as the art teacher. Over the years he has attended Ball State University, Indiana University, the University of Wisconsin and Indiana State University to study ceramics. He recently completed his Master’s in Art at Indiana State University where he worked under Richard Hay. Early on, Chuck was lucky to meet the Peeler’s who were wonderful potters and artists. They helped him and they were the ones that told a former Billie Creek manager about the Wagoners when the village was looking for a potter.

While Sue is a good portrait artist and painter/pencil/pastel artist she now spends most of her time making clay work. She may be best known for her “mini pots” that are often shorter than an inch, but she makes many of the larger items also. Her angels are “thrown” on the wheel and then completed by hand. Some of the more unique and whimsical of Sue’s work can be found in some collections all over the U.S. and even the world. Worry stones are popular with children and adults alike and her ultra-mini pottery on the wheel is perhaps what she is best known for in some collector’s circles.

Chuck and Sue’s pottery is meant to be unique and functional no matter the size or shape. It truly is made to be used in everyday life. The Wagoners look forward to demonstrating the process of making functional stoneware on the potter’s wheel and showing you their finished wares.
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